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1st Place Winner (eSports) 2017 Vainglory API Challenge

You've reached the place for information about Andromeda, a Discord bot with features designed for players and fans of Vainglory, the mobile MOBA from Super Evil Megacorp.

Andi currently offers the following commands & features:

  • help - display basic bot usage and available commmands
  • art - display works by Vainglory community artists
  • announce - send a nicely formatted embed to a specific channel
  • config - set bot options for your Discord server
  • delay - schedule a message to be posted up to 24 hours later
  • hi - meet Andi & get some helpful links
  • invite - easily invite Andi to another Discord server
  • ping - check network performance
  • profile - display information about a Discord user
  • status - show Andi's current system status
  • version - display current bot version
  • vg - retrieve and display Vainglory player profiles, match summaries, and much more
  • vgb - find the best build for your favorite hero
  • vgm - check out the meta based on role, skill tier, region, etc.
  • vgw - check a player's Vainglory performance over the past week
  • Join/leave notifications - announces when a member joins or leaves the guild
  • Voice channel notifications - announces when a member joins or leaves a voice channel; announcement is automatically deleted after 5 minutes

... available here

Andi is in active development, and new features are being added very frequently. If you'd like to see her in action, please visit her Discord server at

Andi's logo is courtesy of the wonderful people at Tee Turtle and is used with their permission.